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Mats Strandberg

Mats Strandberg at [[Swecon Mats Strandberg (born 1976) is a Swedish author.

Strandberg has been a columnist in Aftonbladet. His debut novel was ''Jaktsäsong'', published in 2006. His young adult fantasy novel ''Cirkeln'', the first book in the ''Engelsfors'' trilogy written together with Sara Bergmark Elfgren and published in 2011, was an August Prize nominee in the youth literature category.

Strandberg has also written horror novels. In 2015, his novel ''Färjan'', which is set on board a Baltic Sea cruiseferry, was published. It was translated into English as ''Blood Cruise'' and published in the UK by Jo Fletcher Books. ''Hemmet'', about a residential care home haunted by ghosts, was published in 2017; ''Slutet'', a preapocalyptic young adult novel about the final few weeks of life on Earth before a comet destroys all life, was released in 2018 and received very positive reviews in ''Dagens Nyheter'' and ''SVT''.

Strandberg is married to the actor Johan Ehn. Provided by wikipedia